American-made craftsmanship with hands-on ownership

Prairie Rivet has a distinguished history of over 60 years. Built on high standards and decades of hard work, Prairie Rivet delivers meticulously crafted semi-tubular and solid rivets paired with a personalized customer experience. We’re a reliable partner for distributors and manufacturers looking for both products and services to save you time, money, and hassle because we are practical, responsive, and agile.


Coye Harrett purchased Prairie Rivet in 2020. It’s an unlikely story: a young entrepreneur investing in American manufacturing. A more familiar story would be the launch of a tech startup or app development, but he saw a diamond in the rough.

Coye comes from a hard-working and hands-on background. With experience in manufacturing, operations, logistics, and finance, there’s no job too big and no problem he won’t take on.

The vision? Make rivets right here in America and make sure they’re the best ones out there. Dedicated to expanding the business and putting customers first. It’s that drive that makes Prairie Rivet different from other manufacturers.

Coye Harrett is the President & Owner of Prairie Rivet, an American manufacturing company known for high-quality rivets and competitive lead times. Over 500 clients have counted on Prairie Rivet to deliver the highest quality rivets for their customers and applications.

Before becoming a business owner, Coye crunched numbers in a financial planning and analysis role for a crude oil trucking company.

With help from his leadership, the company’s growth skyrocketed over 3000% during his near-decade of experience. He provided invaluable operational strategy recommendations and detailed financial analysis to C-Suite executives which proved instrumental in the company’s growth. Before this, Coye worked at a high-performance sailboat manufacturing plant where he oversaw production and was part of multiple National Championship sailing teams. His ability to create efficient processes and extensive knowledge of financial controls for sustainable growth will benefit Prairie Rivet for years to come.

Outside of rivet manufacturing, Coye enjoys spending time with his wife Shannon and their dog Moose. Since the age of five, he has sailed competitively and has won multiple national championships. With much appreciation for the sport, Coye gives back by serving on multiple boards of sailing organizations.

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